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Mark Williams Art
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The early years

Mark Williams studied Fine Art at Newport Art College, South Wales, from September 1979 to June 1983. Apart from the pre-degree Foundation year it was not a happy experience for him and as a consequence did not paint again for another ten years.

Have Toothbrush Will Travel

1993 onwards

During the early nineties he was asked to produce some architectural and technical illustrations as part of his employment. The exercise reawakened his interest in painting and he dug out his old easel and paintbrushes and began again, picking up where he had left off ten years earlier.

Little of his student work survives. It was destroyed by a fire in 1989.

Backyard1993 onwards - artistic rebirth

The 2003 GPF Gallery exhibition featured work from this last decade 1993 - 2003, the years either side of the millennium celebrations in 2000. During this time he admits to experiencing a certain 'millennial angst' or 'mid-life crisis' triggered by the loss of several close friends and relatives. It was a period punctuated by bereavements - a sure sign, he thinks, of getting older and experiences that are reflected in aspects of his paintings, albeit in a subliminal way.

2004 and the future

Mark will be exhibiting six paintings in the Albany Gallery "New Artists" exhibition in Cardiff 16th April - 8th May 2004. Link >>> http://www.albanygallery.com/

He is also currently developing a themed exhibition based on the landscape associated with the Welsh mystic writer Arthur Machen, set in the very heart of his native Gwent, contributing to the 'Reasons to the cheerful' exhibition at Newport's GPF Gallery and hsi working on a set of postcards depicting the history and legends of various ancient monuments.


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